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Nikunj Online is the effort of Nikunj Group to cater to the needs of exchange based commodity trading. As a member of MCX, Nikunjonline is a trade facilitator providing the platform to trade in commodities and is also an advisor for such investment options. Nikunjonline is creating immense strength into various research & analysis of various commodities which would help the traders to sell, buy, hedge & invest. Nikunjonline is creating trading centers at local mandis that would enable the market participants to have better understanding of the markets.

The kind of continuously growing turnover which commodities market has seen is incredible, benefiting both producers and buyers. These amazing results have transformed commodities as a most sought after asset class. And this has caught attention of the whole world.

Commodities market is particularly significant to our country as India is essentially a commodity based economy. Therefore, it should not be surprising to see that Indian Commodities Market is also taking giant strides, growing at a scorching pace and is well poised to occupy its rightful place in the world. This has provided the Indian investors with new emerging investment opportunities in the arena of commodities.